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Listen to Tracy. Everyone at my event considered her talk as a 'must' for any growing business.

Tracy receives exceptional feedback like this from event organizers and audiences alike – virtual or live.

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David Corbin

Keynote Speaker | WSJ Bestselling Author

Tracy is masterful. Her track record is impeccable. Many talk a big game. With Tracy, you get results because she's actually done it... numerous times.

Tracy's Thoughts on Creating a Great Keynote

A truly great keynote has nothing to do with the speaker. Obviously, you always want a dynamic, engaging speaker, but truly great talks need to have substance, cognitive diversity, and relevance too. The audience needs and desires are more important than the skill or celebrity of the speaker. They came to your event to achieve something, get something… it is our job as event organizers and speakers to deliver on that.

If a talk is full of dopamine-inducing NLP speaker tricks and sales manipulations, then any successful outcome will be fleeting and temporary. How many times have you come away from a speech buying a book or a package and regretted it because it did not deliver on the hyped promise or wasn’t right for you? There are many, many events to choose from right now and unless an event delivers a return on investment of our time, it cannot continue to capture our attention or more importantly our rave reviews to others.

I never give the same talk twice because the audience is never the same and the current business conditions are not the same either. I want your audience to be ‘edu-tained.’ I give them the covertly female view where both women and men take away a new perspective. I want them to take away stories and data that help them determine what is right for their next success step. I want them to thank you for being the conduit that brought us together.

I strive to be known as a keynote speaker that delivers high value again and again. The one that delivers the right message at the right moment with the right actionable advice, tips, or resources to make steps toward success.

If this sounds like type of results you would like to have from your next event, let’s talk about your goals, your audience and how we can create a collaborative partnership to deliver high value. You can contact me directly here.

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Chrisella Herzog

Co-Founder of the Utah Podcast Summit

I loved her Closing Keynote presentation. Tracy has worked really hard to build up a trust factor with her audience, so people know that when she talks about something that she really knows what she’s talking about and is going to bring value about it too.

Top Keynotes


Virtual Presentations

Million Dollar Podcast Coaching Secrets to Create a More Profitable Podcast Business

Where: ShePodcasts Live 2021, Scottsdale Arizona

Audience: Aspiring and Successful Women Podcasters

Organizer Goal: Provide valuable and actionable business and monetization advice for women podcasters


The Binge Factor to Podcasting Success

Where: Utah Podcast Summit Closing Keynote

Audience: Aspiring and Growth-Minded Podcasters

Organizer Goal: Inspire and provide actionable advice to Launch, Build, and Grow a business through podcasting


Growing Your Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Where: Magnify Your Wealth Inner Circle Mastermind

Audience: Serial Entrepreneurs and Investors Building Wealth

Organizer Goal: Provide a new (and female) perspective on using marketing to create success


Investable Innovation: The Power of Proof

Where: Exponent Women NYC

Audience: 200 Women Leaders in NY Finance and Investing

Organizer Goal: Inform and advise on the key considerations for investing disruptive technology like blockchain


Monetization Marketing: C2C Business Model from Content to Commerce

Where: Global Sources Summit Hong Kong

Audience: International Buyers for Ecommerce and Retail Products

Organizer Goal: To bring smart ideas and perspectives to the sourcing and selling of products

Preventing Podfading: A Dozen Ways to Avoid Podfade and Keep Brandcasting

Where: Podfest

Audience: Podcasters, Videocasters and Broadcasters focused on business growth

Organizer Goal: To give virtual attendees quick actions to immediately change their results


Out-Design. Out-Source. Out-Profit. Asset Building Product Design

Where: Prosper Show Keynote

Audience: Ecommerce, Private Label, and Retail Product Sellers

Organizer Goal: To give attendees (two-thirds were returning) a new perspective that they had not yet heard in the industry


Live from SXSW: Disruptive Technology and Innovation

Where: SXSW Live

Audience: Tech Industry Insiders, Media, and Investors

Organizer Goal: To give attendees a taste of podcasting live while talking about technology and innovation adoption in a more intimate way


Whether interviewing 1:1; moderating a panel of media industry experts; engaging an audience of entrepreneur veterans (with Michael Gerber); or debating innovation at SXSW (with Jay Samit), Tracy Hazzard brings a much-needed female perspective filled with actionable and valuable tactics again and again.

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Aaron Berg

Event Manager | SoCalMakerCon

I look for guest speakers who have a strong following, who speak authoritatively on their area of expertise, and who will provide attendees with an inspirational, informative, and rewarding experience. Tracy brings all these things to the table and more.

Get an exceptional speaker like this for your next virtual or live event by collaborating with Tracy.

Covertly Feminine.