Innovation | Tracy Hazzard | The Conscious Pivot Podcast with Adam Markel


Innovation & Clarity With Tracy Hazzard From The Conscious Pivot Podcast With Adam Markel

Innovation. It’s something that entrepreneurs are obsessed about. It something that keeps them awake at night. But there is a lot more to innovation than just coming up with a brilliant idea in your head and then risking everything away to bring that into fruition. Entrepreneurs have to listen to their gut – their creative intuition – because it usually leads them to someplace good. It is absolutely essential to keep that gut check, that reality slap that might be the only thing that saves you from ruining yourself and everything you’ve worked so hard for with your greatest idea. Tracy Hazzard reflects on these thoughts with Adam Markel in this episode of The Conscious Pivot. As a creative entrepreneur, Tracy has been in the trenches building an innovative business while being a mother and a spouse at the same time. Listen in and learn how she went through a process of conscious pivoting to gain clarity about where she is going in her business and what purpose she serves.

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What’s the gut check system?

Don’t get caught up in the notion that your idea is so great to the point of closing yourself so far off to the possibility that it’s not. #TheConsciousPivot #AdamMarkel #podcastinterview Share on X

We call it market proof. At the end of the day, if somebody won’t buy it, somebody won’t buy you, somebody won’t buy your coaching program, whatever it is you’re selling, somebody won’t buy it, that connection between what you’re producing and the consumer who’s going to buy it, we have to check the feedback loop on that. We have to make sure that brand, which is you or your product, is resonating at the consumer level.

Innovation | Tracy Hazzard | The Conscious Pivot Podcast with Adam Markel

Innovation: Ingenuity, creativity, originality – that is what’s going to fix this world.


I want to pivot now and just shift your thinking a little bit about the things that keep you in that space of being at your best. You’ve described in lots of different ways how you have been at your best and have been able to have a clear feeling for your gut. There are so many things that are being written now in studies about gut health, how important gut health is to your overall health, but also where gut health is connected to your brain health.

Innovation | Tracy Hazzard | The Conscious Pivot Podcast with Adam Markel

Innovation: The ideal client has to know who they are.


How well you think and the kinds of decisions that you’re able to make, the discernment, the level at which you can entertain two seemingly conflicting ideas at the same time and be able to reconcile or entertain them, there’s a high degree of not just intelligence but effectiveness that comes from that. That’s a skill set that sets you apart from people. The gut is related to that.

I call it creative intuition. I have a high degree of intuition, a high degree of being able to listen to the creativity within me, above the noise of, “You can’t do it. You shouldn’t do it. There are too many products like this on the market.” While it is important for me to have a lot of information, and I tried to have a good broad amount of information and analytics to depend on, at the end of the day though, it is an intuitive choice that you make, “Is this the right thing to do for me, for my client, for my product, for the path that I want to go?”

Everything is better when you live in a place where you truly believe in yourself. #TheConsciousPivot #AdamMarkel #podcastinterview Share on X

That’s where sitting and knowing who you are and the end results of what you want, for me that’s embodying that for my client. Making sure I know who they are and where they want to go with that so I can help and guide them on that decision making process. Through that path to make it as direct and fast as possible to get there, you’ve got to live in a place where you’re in touch with that intuitiveness.

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Innovation | Tracy Hazzard | The Conscious Pivot Podcast with Adam Markel

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