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Podcast Tactics for Building Credibility with Tom and Tracy Hazzard from The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott Carson

Podcasting is a growing platform. With it comes a growing number of competitions, making it harder to cut through the noise and put your name out there. What does it take to make people tune into yours? Tom Hazzard and Tracy Hazzard believe in building credibility. In this episode, they join The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott Carson to share podcast tactics that will help you market and grow your business and reach more people. How do you bring in guests? What makes people want to share your show? How can you monetize? What is the ideal show length? Tom and Tracy share their expertise. Join them and Scott in this great conversation to learn the basics you need to start a podcast, build your credibility, and take your business to the next level.

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Do you think people who are starting a podcast are going to see a lot of immediate results or is it more of a plant a seed in the ground and watch it grow?

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As long as you’re committed to putting out a consistent amount of content, let’s say weekly at minimum, you’ve got to do a minimum of once a week. We do highly recommend especially in the beginning of a show, frontloading it. Do as many episodes in the first 60 days as you can justify the time. Let’s talk about the time because that’s everybody’s biggest concern. Like you said, “I don’t know if I have the time. Can I commit the time?” If you’re trying to do everything yourself, you’ll get buried in it and it’ll be a full-time endeavor that will do nothing for you. If you actually get help, get the support you need so that all you do is record the original content, which is really the thing that no one can do for you, upload it and then you’re done. Leave it to others to do it. Then you can absolutely do a lot of content. Or you can do get a Nichole like you and have her upload it too, so then you don’t even do that.

Tracy, one of the things that we talked about is adding the credibility side and building some of those nuggets. Zero to 60 episodes, that seems like a lot of work. What are some of the basic things that people could do as far as maybe outlining their first dozen, first ten to prime that pump to get things rock and rolling?

Podcast Tactics For Credibility | Tracy Hazzard | The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott Carson

Podcast Tactics For Credibility: We have to convert audio and video content into written blog posts because Google doesn’t index what people say. They index written words in blog posts.


The first thing we do is we sit down and we draft out 25 of the influencers in our industry like, “Who would be our ideal guests? Who should we ask to be on our show? Who do we know who’s going to give us credibility by association in our topic?” Whatever that core topic might be. We don’t just want those people who I call them career podcast guests, where they shop from show to show to show and they’ve been on every top podcast. You don’t need those people. You need somebody who’s going to change my mind about real estate investing or change my mind about product design, whatever your podcast is about. You want someone who’s going to really bring you that credibility in the early days. In the later days, there are really good reasons to have other people on and just expanded ideas and things like that. This is really where you want to start with because that association with them, they have credibility in your industry and that connection is what we call a high-value backlink, a connection between you and them. Not just literally because we’re talking to each other, but it actually happens under the structure of your website. It’s connected your website to their website. That’s really important. That’s the first thing, so we do 25 of those.

Podcast Tactics For Credibility | Tracy Hazzard | The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott Carson

Podcast Tactics For Credibility: The value of making up that ranking number is honestly less important than having as many backlinks in as many organic keywords that you rank on as possible because that’s how people are going to find you.


Then we do 25 of the most common questions, problems, things we repeat every single time. We want to keep it really narrow and small. The way we started it, which was a little easier for us, was we posed a question like, “How do you do this? What would I use to accomplish that?” You just ask yourself, “What would an audience member ask?” In the early days, we actually did it that way. We would make up questions and then we’d go, “Liam from New Jersey asked us this.” We’d just make up friends around the country who asked us these questions.

That is an old trick on webinars. If there’s no question, you’ve got ten questions and friends’ names, “Boyd in Austin said this.” I have used my buddy, Boyd, quite a bit.

You could do that but you don’t even have to word it that way. At the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be a question. It’s the topic. If you were thinking about writing a book, this is the way you would maybe write a book. You might use a case study, not just a guest, which is okay too. When you do those things and you think about planting that as a topic, a guest or a case study, and you think about planting that out, it makes a great book. Then you want to mix it up so that it’s not in linear order because that’s not the way people consume. They consume from one exciting thing to another. If we think about record albums, when we used to have record album and not CDs, they used to have them and you’d go like, “Rock song, rock song, ballad.” You’ve got to give that up and down to get people the chance to absorb the information that you’ve given them.

Podcast Tactics For Credibility | Tracy Hazzard | The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott Carson


Thinking about what makes the most exciting guests and pacing them out and not packing them in all at once, just thinking about mixing up that order. Or what we do is we just have an ongoing list all the time and whenever we think of something, I text myself and then I add it to the list when I’m in the office, or text your assistant. You can do that too. Whenever we were like, “Something came up,” like it happened. We heard about these people who are podfasters, people who binge-listen to podcasts and they specifically look for podcasts that have 100 episodes or more. They’ll listen to the entire library which boosts your statistics tremendously, and they listen at double speed at least, sometimes three or four times speed. We were shocked. We were like, “That’s crazy,” but it was something worth talking about, so we inserted an episode about that. When something comes up, we’re just like, “We’ve got to talk about that now because otherwise, we’re just going to debate it offline, why not do it on air?”

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Podcast Tactics For Credibility | Tracy Hazzard | The Note Closers Show Podcast with Scott CarsonThe Note Closers Show Podcast

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