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Scaling A Business With Tracy Hazzard From The Find Your Exit Podcast With Michelle Seiler Tucker

Scaling your business allows you to expand the field of possibilities for it. However, it’s not an easy process and might ask a lot of you as a business owner going forward. Tracy Hazzard, the CEO of Brandcasters, Inc., sits down with Michelle Seiler Tucker to talk about allowing yourself as a business owner to continually scale your business by investing in what’s sustainable, looking at what your clients need, creating proof in your business, and more! Feeling doubtful about the opportunities to scale your business? Tune in to this episode to discover Tracy’s golden nuggets and watch your business continue to grow.

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It’s like when Steve Jobs came in. What did Steve Jobs do? He got rid of the dumb phone and invented the smartphone. Now, we can’t live without it.

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These are things. Every company needs someone like that. If they don’t have it in-house, then they need somebody to sit in with them, get in with their business as you do, Michelle. Get in with them and start to analyze and look at these things with a keen eye on creating value. At the end of the day, that’s what we need to do. Whether it’s creating value so we can sell our company, creating value for our own businesses, our own employees, our families or everything, and creating value for our customers and clients. Those three parts, if that value chain isn’t there, it will not work in anyone’s business. It’s not viable.

Scaling A Business | Tracy Hazzard | Find Your Exit with Michelle Seiler Tucker

Scaling A Business: It’s one thing to do what you’re doing well. Do that, but you have to have systems and processes that are paying attention to the future and testing things out.


What is your number one business tip that you have, Tracy?

The perfect kind of business is the one that has great proof that it has something of value and that it's growing. #FindYourExit #MichelleSeilerTucker #podcastinterview Share on X

We have a mantra. It’s not a tip here, but it’s a mantra. We call it hope is not a plan. If you’re going to hope that this stuff is going to work out, you’re sorely mistaken here. This is my COVID advice as well. If we look at everything as a short-term problem, we’ve got to get through this. Often in family-run businesses, whether you’re running a shop, because I know it’s like, “I’ve got to get through this and then I’ll hire some employees. I’ve got to get to this revenue level.” You don’t look at that as saying, “That’s short-term thinking. I need to lay in place. That’s not going to mean that I need that employee yet. Maybe I need a system, I need efficiencies.” I have to scrutinize that every single day and create strategies and plans. As long as I’m always taking a look at everything, then I’m not hoping the result is going to happen. I’m making it happen.

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Scaling A Business | Tracy Hazzard | Find Your Exit with Michelle Seiler Tucker Find Your Exit
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