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Dynamic Speaker. Witty Moderator. Insightful Interviewer.

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I expect that you found me engaging and interesting and a value-add for your next event or you wouldn’t be checking out this page, so let’s really be sure that I am a right-fit for your audience.

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You want someone who will do much more than inspire and entertain – someone who will motivate your audience by bringing real-world actionable models, ideas, examples, and tactics to the keynote.

You want your attendees to beg to pay for the replay, not because they missed it, but because there was so much jam-packed practical information that they want to review again.

You want the best content marketing keynote speaker who know how things really work today; NOT a done-it-oncer hawking an outdated process that only works if you upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. You want someone who will speak to your audience’s specific challenges and provide solutions that work again and again.

Besides, it wouldn’t it be refreshing to bring some powerful (covertly) female energy to your next event.

For my part, I prefer to work together to make the event the best experience it can be, to have ample time to assist you in promoting, and to speak alongside other collaborative speakers, mentors, and trainers who believe that building up and supporting your audience is more important than selling.

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Every so often I meet someone unforgettable, most recently that has been Tracy. She stands out above the others in her field as a professional, as an expert in podcasting, running her own business and as a stellar columnist/journalist.
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