Meet Tracy

Meet Tracy Hazzard

Tracy's Intro

Tracy Hazzard is a seasoned media expert with over 2600 interviews from articles in Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed, and her Inc. Magazine column; and from her multiple top-ranked video casts and podcasts like The Binge Factor, The Next Little Thing and Feed Your Brand – one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts.

Tracy brings diverse views from what works and what doesn’t work in marketing, branding and media from thought leaders and industry icons redefining success around the globe. Tracy’s unique gift to the podcasting, marketing, and branding world is being able to identify that unique binge-able factor – the thing that makes people come back again and again, listen actively, share as raving fans, and buy everything you have to sell.

Tracy's Bio

As the influence strategist for speakers, authors & experts, Tracy Hazzard helps major publications, sports stars, and entrepreneurs ‘Brandcast’ their original messages. Along with her husband and partner, Tom Hazzard, she has been rethinking brand innovation for over 25 years as an inventor and product designer. Their podcasting innovation, Podetize, provides businesses of all sizes a system to spread their marketing message, grow a valuable audience, and retain valuable platform authority without a lot of time, cost or effort.

Tracy co-hosts multiple top-ranked podcasts with over 1500 episodes combined, including: The Binge Factor, a 2020 spin-off of Feed Your Brand – one of CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur PodcastsProduct Launch Hazzards for inventors and e-Sellers; WTFFF?! 3D Printing: the 3D Start Point, featured as an exclusive live podcast at SXSW, and now a 2020 Special Series sponsored by HP; and The New Trust Economy exploring creator value distribution with Blockchain technology. She just launched her sixth podcast, The Next Little Thing, reviewing and recommending those well-designed things that you can’t help raving about.

Besides being featured in Harvard Business ReviewForbesWiredand CNN Money, Tracy was also as an Innovation Columnist for Inc. Magazine for 5 years, and is a columnist for Authority Magazine, and contributor to Grit Daily and BuzzFeed writing about the Binge Factors in podcasting, videocasting, innovation and content marketing.

Tracy has recently appeared on the Larry King Now show and on Digital Trends. She keynotes internationally and can be seen regularly at content marketing and podcasting events including: PodFestShePodcastsUtah Podcast SummitTraffic & Conversion, and more. With a constant stream of content and products from her Brandcasters authority platform,, Tracy Hazzard has influenced and casted branded content and $2 Billion worth of products and innovation around the world.

Topics & Talking Points

Bingeable Brandcasting

  • Become Bingeable: Attract More Leads and Sell Even More Stuff
  • Top Tips from 500+ Podcasters for Starting a Successful Podcast
  • Preventing Podfading: Simple Ways to Monetize and Motivate
  • Standing Out: How to Get Seen, Heard, and Found in a Crowded Market
  • Fixing The Funnel: Building in Faster Know, Like & Trust

Monetization Marketing

  • Million Dollar Podcast Coaching Secrets to Create a More Profitable Podcast Business
  • Top Personal (or Corporate) Branding Mistakes That Kill Lead Growth
  • Content to Commerce: Launching from Idea to Market Proof to Sold
  • Getting the Artificial Intelligence Gatekeepers to Bring Leads to You


  • Power Publicity: Insider Media Tips & PR Secrets That Get More
  • Authority Platform Building with a High Brand Trust Success Factor
  • Getting Booked: How to Get Podcast Interviews That Convert Into Sales

Marketable Innovation

  • Investable Innovation With The Power of Market Proof
  • Battling for the Sexes: Shrinking & Pinking is Not a Plan to Win Women
  • Brand Intellectual Property and Asset-Building By Design
  • Disrupting Retail: 3D Print Zero Inventory & Last Mile Delivery
  • Bot-Worthy: Getting Your Brand Ready for AI and Verbal SEO

Best Interviews with Tracy

Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder, Apple

Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income Podcast

Shane Snow
Bestselling Author, Smart Cuts

Best Interviews of Tracy

Digital Trends

Larry King Now

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