Chrisella Herzog

Co-Founder of the Utah Podcast Summit

I loved her Closing Keynote presentation. Tracy has worked really hard to build up a trust factor with her audience, so people know that when she talks about something that she really knows what she’s talking about and is going to bring value about it too.


Aaron Scott Young

Chairman Laughlin Associates
Magnify Your Wealth Conference

I first met Tracy Hazzard at a business conference where we were both keynoting. I thought her talk was very informative and was highly impressed by her resume…
Without exception, Tracy and her team have impressed and helped my people move their companies forward in a meaningful way. Tracy is a person of intelligence, talent, and integrity. I give her my highest endorsement.

Betsy Westhafer

The Congruity Group
Prophetability Bounceback Summit Organizer

Tracy is very generous with her knowledge, whether it's writing for Inc., speaking on stage, podcasting or commenting on the posts of others. I have learned so much from Tracy and she has a real knack for getting people to think differently.

Bill Stierle

President, Corporate Culture Development

Tracy is integrity and delivery in action.


David Corbin

Keynote Speaker | WSJ Bestselling Author

Tracy is masterful. Her track record is impeccable. Many talk a big game. With Tracy, you get results because she's actually done it... numerous times.

Nathan Hirsch

Founder Outsource School
(Event Attendee)

Tracy knows her stuff as I have watched her speak multiple times. Each time gaining new information to help me and my business. She has gone out of her way to help me in numerous different ways from giving advice to making connections.

Paula Brillson Phillips

Managing Partner at Digital Law Group
(Event Attendee)

I met Tracy at a Forbes Riley event and she immediately stood out from the crowd. With her take charge attitude and her no-nonsense approach to business, she immediately became a thought leader at our workshop. Tracy has amazing insight and has a true passion to assist those who can benefit from her knowledge.

Mark Harris

CEO & Mastermind Event Marketer
Thought Leader Alliance

Tracy Hazzard is outstanding! If you need to launch a podcast or product, don't even think about it unless you first listen to Tracy. Everyone at my event considered her talk as a must for any growing business. And, even months later, people are still asking about her.

Christine Schlonski

International Sales Mentality Virtual Masterclass Creator

I loved having Tracy Hazzard in the Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass. The content she shared was relevant, actionable and practical. She shared steps that my audience can take to improve their businesses from her very successful carrier as an entrepreneur. My audience loved it and I can wait to have her back in the future.

Michael Silvers

EVP Global Training
Powerteam International

I have worked with hundreds of speakers and Tracy brings something very unique to her keynotes. She connects intimately even in a large audience, making people feel seen and heard. Plus, her expert command inspires confidence and trust.

Tracy Hazzard is... inspiring. She has fantastic information, great experience. I mean, there's only one world, top podcast producer, right? So she has an audience in the palm of her hand on a digital stage globally, and people adore her... Use this woman on your stage when you can, because she will make you look good.

Ken Krell - Founder of Own Your Own [Digital] Stage

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