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Drawing on over 25 years of experience as an innovator, marketer, and brand designer who knows what
women and men will consume, I bring practical, actionable advice to my presentations.

I motivate entrepreneurs to market and broadcast originality igniting their business
with demonstrable value and market proof.

— Tracy Hazzard

Recent Marketing Keynote Presentations

7th Media Magic Sales & Marketing Intensive Attracts Top Media Panelists

Where: Business Acceleration Network, Inc.
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Aspiring and Successful Women Podcasters
Organizer Goal: Authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners worldwide

The 7th Media Magic Sales and Marketing Intensive goal is to increase sales and accelerate your business. The VIP and Elite participants will have an opportunity to set up laser-focused, 1-on-1 strategy sessions with vetted and hand-selected Business Acceleration Network mentors. he Elite students can access an extensive database of media contacts and get their press releases syndicated with a money-back guarantee.

Tracy Hazzard with Podetize, the largest podcast post-production company in the world. Tracy is a seasoned media expert with over 2600 interviews from articles in Authority Magazine, BuzzFeed, and her Inc. Magazine column; and from her multiple top-ranked videocasts and podcasts like The Binge Factor, The Next Little Thing, and Feed Your Brand. She is one of the CIO’s Top 26 Entrepreneur Podcasts.

Million Dollar Podcast Coaching Secrets to Create a More Profitable Podcast Business

Where: ShePodcasts Live 2021, Scottsdale Arizona
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Aspiring and Successful Women Podcasters
Organizer Goal: Provide valuable and actionable business and monetization advice for women podcasters

Want to build (or add-on) a podcast coaching or strategist business? This session is for aspiring Podcast Coaches & Strategists to learn from an expert who has been there, done that, again and again. Tracy Hazzard, CEO of Podetize pulls back the curtain, revealing the secrets, systems, and the team that helped her female-led company go from 10 to 1000 clients and leap right into multi-million dollar territory.

Using data and case-study backed reasoning, you will learn how to:

  • Develop key levers for creating profitable services
  • Build trust for repeat business and referrals
  • Avoid pitfalls and time traps that will stunt growth

Plus, get tips on how to create a nurturing community that finds alternative ways to get minority and women’s voices heard and rewarded. Don’t miss this session if you want to be known as the top podcast coach who knows how to get clients seen, heard, found, and rewarded!

The Binge Factor to Podcasting Success

Where: Utah Podcast Summit Closing Keynote
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Aspiring and Growth-Minded Podcasters
Organizer Goal: Inspire and provide actionable advice to Launch, Build, and Grow a business through podcasting

With over 500 podcast launches and 15,000+ episodes produced, there are some significant lessons to be learned about creates a great podcast and more importantly a great return on investment of time and money for a podcast host. In this talk, Tracy Hazzard explores why building in a ‘Binge Factor’ into a show creates a more active and engaged audience and how that translates into more conversion and sales. Bingeablility Sells!

Investable Innovation: The Power of Proof

Where:  Exponent Women NYC
Timing: 15-minute Ted-Style Talk
Audience: 200 Women Leaders in NY Finance and Investing
Organizer Goal: Inform and advise on the key considerations for investing disruptive technology like blockchain

With innovation like Blockchain, AI, XR, and New Media becoming the buzzword for the age of disruption, we can’t help but get caught up investing in what seems trendy to avoid missing out. But when you start to evaluate the actual innovation, whether you plan to invest your time or your money, the conversation naturally shifts to risk and return. Is this high risk worth the potential opportunity and higher rate of return?

NOTE: This talk was giving to a private audience, but here is a link to another similar talk on the subject to a group of investors in Salt Lake City Utah.

Influence + Authority – Insider Media Tips That Get You Both

Where: ShePodcasts Live
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Women Podcasters, Videocasters and Broadcasters starting and growing podcasts
Organizer Goal: Empower women to find their voices and earn more podcasting

Being a Podcaster gets you in the media door, but it doesn’t necessarily get you more media coverage unless you know how the system works. Learn how to be seen, heard, found and publicized by building a platform that gives you both digital authority and social influence.

Preventing Podfading: Tips to Improve Your Show & Find Alternative

Where: Podfest
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Podcasters, Videocasters and Broadcasters focused on podcast and business growth
Organizer Goal: To give virtual attendees quick actions to immediately change their results

Why do some podcasters make it to 500+ episodes and others quit after 11 episodes? Comprehensive research into the factors that create show success and the ones that cause podfading have yielded some very compelling results. Strategy matters, as does utilizing digital authority tactics, and planning for alternative monetization from episode #1. With processes, tips, tactics and strategies learned from interviewing hundreds of top podcasters and producing over 10,000 shows, Tracy Hazzard will share strategies to improve your show and take monetization advantage of the uniqueness of your brand.

NOTE: This talk was not recorded, but here is a link to a similar talk during the Mass Media Summit Live.

Sales Mentality: Tapping into the Multi-Media Power of Artificial Intelligence

Where: Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass Series
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: International Sales Conversion-Focused Entrepreneurs
Organizer Goal: To bring a perspective of the power of a multi-media service-minded approach

Want your business to be seen, heard, found and rewarded in a noisy digital world? Tapping into deep understanding of the power of a multi-tiered, multi-media organic approach to audience and prospect nurturing, Tracy Hazzard shares tips, tactics and strategies for using bots and AI to help you serve (instead of sell) your way to getting even more.

NOTE: This talk was giving to a private audience, but here is a link to the promotional video for it.

Out-Design. Out-Source. Out-Profit. Asset Building Product Design

Where: Prosper Show Keynote
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Ecommerce, Private Label, and Retail Product Sellers
Organizer Goal: To give attendees (two-thirds were returning) a new perspective that they had not yet heard in the industry.

In the consumer retail market where 7 out of 10 consumer product launches fail and less than 2% of inventors ever make any money, the odds are stacked against you. But with some Product Launch Hazzards protection tips and Success By Design tactics, you can reduce risk and defy the odds as you go from Product Idea to Big Brand to Sold. Tracy Hazzard, Product Launch Expert, dives deep into a proven formula that helps optimize processes and maximize your resources so you can out-source, out-design, and out-profit your competitors.

Live from SXSW: Disruptive Technology and Innovation

Where: SXSW Live
Timing: 50 minutes
Audience: Tech Industry Insiders, Media, and Investors
Organizer Goal: To give attendees a taste of podcasting live while talking about technology and innovation adoption in a more intimate way.

Podcasting live from SXSW, Tracy and Tom Hazzard team up with serial disruptor and digital innovation expert Jay Samit to debate the ins and outs of disruptive innovation. They dive deeper into the subject of disruptive technology relating to 3D design, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality solutions for corporate and public sector clients. Living in this era of endless innovation where the biggest transformation is happening fast, they share that disruption isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you respond to what happens. Learn to swim with the currents of change instead of against them, embrace innovation, and propel towards new opportunities, creative challenges, and success.

Link to Presentation:

Success by Design: Strategies & Tactics to Build an Even Bigger Brand

Where: Global Sources Summit Hong Kong
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: International Buyers for Ecommerce and Retail Products
Organizer Goal: To bring smart ideas and perspectives to the sourcing and selling of products.

In the consumer retail market where 7 out of 10 product launches fail, the odds of product success and profitability are stacked against you. But with an original product Success By Design strategy combined with collaborative supplier communication tactics, you can reduce risk and defy the odds as you grow from Private Label to Original Brand to Sold.

Note: The recording for this event is private but here is a link to the SlideShare for a similar presentation.

Disrupting Retail: 3D Print Zero Inventory and Last Mile Delivery

Where: Inside 3d Printing San Diego
Timing: 30 minutes
Audience: 3D Design and Printing Tech Industry Experts
Organizer Goal: To shift from the techy granular details of most presenters and look at it from a global trend standpoint

You’ve heard the hype that “soon” consumers will 3D print their own products at-home or in-store on-demand, but will it be a reality anytime soon? Retailers are struggling to stay profitable in the wake of rapid e-commerce market share gains, show-rooming, rising expenses and a consumer priority on anything innovative– new design, new technology, and new brands. Learn more about 3D print disrupting retail and the tipping ready signs like supply chain sustainability, showrooming, last mile delivery and inventory costs.

Growing Your Know, Like, and Trust Factor

Where: Magnify Your Wealth Inner Circle Mastermind
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Serial Entrepreneurs and Investors Building Wealth
Organizer Goal: Provide a new (and female) perspective on using marketing to create sales success

Every marketer talks about funneling clients and consumers, but few talk about low conversion rates and the real key to making money – getting more and more leads into the funnel. What if there was a better way? A way to move the funnel to a lower cost, organic qualification model – where those in need, those ready to take action, and those qualifying themselves get to know, like, and trust you even faster.

Authority Powering your Brand

Where: Secret Knock Women
Timing: 15 minutes Ted-Style Talk
Audience: Women entrepreneurs
Organizer Goal: Empower women with practical, powerful (not whiney!) stories and strategies

Finding your voice as a woman isn’t just about building confidence and speaking up or out. Being heard requires being seen and found by following the digital rules and using the Artificial Intelligence bots to your advantage. Authority isn’t found in degrees and referrals, it is buried deep in code that can put you as a woman at a disadvantage if you don’t learn how to play the AI game.

Moonshot House Fireside Chat Host

Where: Moonshot House Investor Mastermind
Timing: 60 minutes
Audience: Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors
Organizer Goal: Get the real story behind serial entrepreneur success

Modeled after Inside the Actor’s Studio, Tracy Hazzard interviews serial entrepreneurs at the top of the tech, finance, entertainment, and health industries about what fuels, feeds, and forms their success.