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Tracy Hazzard Talks Product Design And Failing Forward With From CEO Space

Innovation can’t happen if you don’t plan on failing forward. Product design and development specialist Tracy Hazzard knows this better than anyone. In this episode, EZ Zuley of interviews Tracy at the CEO Space Dolphin Tank event. Tracy shares her insights on innovation, product design, and failing forward. Learn more from Tracy as she shares her thoughts in this interview.

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It’s another awesome interview for CEO Space. This is eZWay TV. You were one of the judges on the panel, and this was the Dolphin Tank. What do you think about that?

I think it’s great because my daughter told me that dolphins are super smart, and everybody loves them. It’s way better than being a shark.

They’re also protectors.

It’s great because there’s nothing that I like more than to be a mentor. I want to help people. This opportunity is a great way to do it in a group coaching method.

Let’s talk a little bit about you. From what I heard in the introduction, you are an amazing professional, stupendous, beautiful, designer-type person, branding and stuff like that.

I am a product design and development specialist who specializes in mass retail market. Anything that you buy at mass retail except for food, I might have had a hand in. I’m a ghost designer. I’m behind the scenes in a brand.

You guys are like Shark Tank because you’ve got the one beautiful blonde lady that specializes in product and QR. You are like her.

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We do that, but we’re not out in front. Our brands are out in front and the products sell themselves. We’re behind the scenes, making sure that they’re uber-successful. We don’t have time to get it wrong because if you get a chance to be on a shelf, you’ve got to sell hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of units. You’ve got to get it right. You can’t get it wrong.

It’s funny that you used the word uber because one of our affiliates is one of the companies that took over the public. You are the Yoda of the design, behind-the-scenes branding. This has been all about inspiring the youth and all the entrepreneurs. I commend you because you were good at giving them positive advice with constructive criticism.

I went to art school, Rhode Island School of Design. I went through critique every day as a part of that, so I understand the importance of it in making yourself better, but there’s nothing stronger than successful failure. When you fail at something, if it’s a pitch there, learning from that and moving on, you are going to be so much better than if you’ve got it right the first time. I know that sounds crazy, but failure is a bigger driver and a better improvement process.

Failure is a stepping stone.

That’s what we try to do every day. We try to make successful failure happen as early and as safely in the process as possible. Before you spend millions of dollars, get it wrong at the beginning, and then you can refine it and make it successful. You learn from those mistakes.

Congratulations is in order. I almost want to say like everybody here in the crowd and bring everybody into it, but I’m not going to do that yet. I’ve heard that you are contributing now to Inc. Magazine?

Yes, I write a column.

That’s a big deal. Can we be best friends? I want to call Inc.

It’s interesting how it happened. Someone heard me give a speech about makers making profits, so helping entrepreneurs who make things be more successful. They said they wanted to focus on innovation and they started a whole new section to their magazine. They invited a whole bunch of new writers to start a column. My column is called By Design and it’s about success by design.

Did you say success by design? Do you know a lady by the name of Shellie Hunt?

I don’t.

She is the Owner of Success is by Design. She is the Founder of Women of Global Change. She has helped put it together. She is one of the CEO Space people. She was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by President Obama. She is one of my partners. Hearing that, I’m like, “Shellie, how are you doing?”

I’ve got to write a column about her.

You hook me up. I’ll hook you up with her.

When you fail at something, learn from that and move on. You're going to be so much better than if you got it right the first time. #podcastinterview #EzWayTV #CEOSpace Share on X

It’s about innovation and success by design, and all those steps you have to take.

How old were you when you got started going down this path?

I was twenty.

What do you think that moment was that started you down this path?

When I graduated from college, I went down to South Carolina and interviewed for the biggest textile company in the world. I have a Textile Design degree. They trained me to be a leader. That’s exactly what they did. They didn’t bring me in and say, “You are just going to be a designer, make pretty patterns and do that.” They set me through a leadership program. At that moment, I realized that was my calling. That’s what I wanted to do more than design.

Go and promote yourself with a website. Tell everybody how everybody can get a hold of you and get one of those cool ties.

You can reach me at or on social media anywhere. We also have a podcast, which is fun called WTFFF?!, which stands for What the FFF?! FFF is fused filament fabrication or 3D printing. It’s such a weird nichey, fun thing. If you want to know anything about the new technology of 3D printing, we’re the people.

TLH GI | Failing Forward

Failing Forward: Before you spend millions of dollars, get it wrong at the beginning. Then you can refine it and make it successful.


That’s unique and different. You know me, guys. I’m a networker. She is my new best friend. We’re going to be hanging out together. If you want to get to her or any of the awesome interviews we do, you can text, EZ, to the numbers 21777. If you are a member of our app, you can connect with her directly and I’ll tell you how. We’re a platform that helps get to other platforms and connect with them. Would you mind talking to some of our fans if they wanted to talk to you?

Absolutely, no problem at all.

TLH GI | Failing Forward

Failing Forward: Before you spend millions of dollars, get it wrong at the beginning. Then you can refine it and make it successful.


I love accessible people. You are so cute. Thank you so much. I appreciate the interview.

Thank you so much.

Make sure you guys go towards her success of the design. I’m going to make sure we connect you with Shellie of CEO Space. Thank you so much guys for tuning with We will catch you guys soon.

I’m Tracy Hazzard of Hazz Design. I accelerate business growth through tactical product design and development. I do it the eZWay.

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