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Feed Your Audience With Tracy Hazzard Moms With Dreams Show With Erica Blocker

If you want to share your talents with the world, then whatever it is that you are doing, everything will always go back to your audience. That is why it is very important to know how to connect with them and build relationships. One of the growing platforms that has been helping so many businesses and individuals do that is podcasting. In this episode, Tracy Hazzard visits Erica Blocker’s Moms with Dreams Show to discuss how to feed your audience through podcasting, sharing lots of good information about connecting with your listeners, and creating stuff of high-value content. For those still on the fence about starting their own shows, Tracy also gives some great insights about how to do that, beginning from identifying the value you bring and learning how to make it so people can receive it. On to her family, she then shares how she is working with them and exposing her children to the entrepreneurial mindset at a young age.

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I do this because I absolutely love empowering and inspiring moms to follow their dreams without feeling guilty or selfish. Why do I love doing this so much? That’s my story. I am a mother of four. I’ve always had a big vision and big dreams, but it’s always been a challenge for me, raising four children, especially after going through a bad divorce and becoming a single mom. I realized that I wasn’t alone in my struggle, regardless of if being a married woman, a divorced woman or a single woman with children, we also have those same inner struggles. That’s why I created this show. It’s been a few years now since I’ve been doing this podcast. That to me is surreal. It is what it is. Time doesn’t stand still for any of us. Here I am a few years later, still rocking with you and loving every minute of it.

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Tracy Hazzard. She is one of those women, who you can’t ever imagine not having the right answer or not having what you need when you go to her for help. Tracy is an authority in the podcasting space. She an Authority Magazine and Inc. columnist and the co-host of the top rank podcast, Feed Your Brand, one of CIO’s Top 26 entrepreneur podcasts, Product Launch Hazzards for inventors and eSellers. She’s also been featured as an exclusive live podcast at SXSW and the blockchain venturing and exploring podcast with The New Trust Economy. With a constant stream of content and products from her Brandcasters authority platform, Podetize, Tracy influences and casts branded content and $2 billion worth of products and innovation around the world.

Tracy is amazing. You’re going to learn from her. In addition to her expertise and the things that she’s going to share with you, I want you to learn from her from a mom’s perspective too, and from a woman’s perspective and learn for what you can pick up and apply to your particular life and your story. Even if it doesn’t sound like Tracy’s story, or you’re not doing the same thing that she is doing, or have no aspiration to do what she’s doing, you still will pick up something here from our conversation. I know that you will. This is good especially if you are looking to become a podcaster or a new podcaster, Tracy shares lots of good information about connecting with your listeners, creating stuff of high-value content, whether that’s content shows, whatever you’re doing in the podcasting space. I’m not going to give it away. Without any further ado, here is my interview with Tracy Hazzard.

I’m excited to bring you my guest. This is one of those interviews where we’ve been pushing it back, had to reschedule a couple of times. I finally have Mrs. Tracy Hazzard with us. Welcome to the show, Tracy.

Thank you for having me. I’m excited we get to talk again because I loved interviewing you.

That was a blast. I forgot about that almost.

It was like a few months ago, so it was a while ago. We get to catch up again.

We’re going to talk about some great stuff. Flipping it around a little bit, when we talked, it was all about me. Now, it’s all about you, Mrs. Hazzard. I got finished sharing the brilliant things that you’re doing in the world and how you’re making a difference. Before we jump into the goody-good stuff because I have lots of good things that I want to talk with you about, I’d love for you to share how did you get started as a podcasting marketing mogul and a mega entrepreneur? How did you get into this genre?

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I’ll accept that because that’s such a wonderful moniker. As with most people, podcasting is new in the scope of things. Marketing is not, but podcasting is. I have been working in design development products and marketing for a long time. Most of that is spent on understanding consumer behavior, retail, understanding the needs of who’s ever going to consume it. It might be in a business-to-business or a business-to-consumer situation, so understanding the heads of where they are.

It wasn’t all that difficult for me to start thinking about my customers are podcasters and their customers are podcast listeners. We had to put our minds in the mindset of that. When you are centric around your consumer or your customer, however you want to look at it, everything flows easily. A few years ago, I started my first podcast trying to be focused on serving my community. Fast forward to it, everyone who was a podcaster begged me to do the same for them. That’s how I have this business, Podetize. We love what we do, but it’s all about being focused on who your client is.

When we take that approach, no matter what you’re doing, if you are focused on your consumers’ needs what they want, why they’re coming to you, then you can serve them in a way that no one else can.

It’s also not understanding it from, what do I bring them from solutions, but why are they even looking for things? Why are they out there looking for information? What are the moms with dreams listening to you for? As I think about that, I think about how I can serve as the best representative and bringing that forth to you. In a way, you’re my client here because I’m your guest. If I always think about that and put myself in that situation, you’re always in a service mindset first.

That’s where I try to be all the time. As moms, it’s easy for us to be in a service mindset because we’re always used to giving, serving and taking care of other people. That’s a great thing that you brought that up, Tracy. How does someone work with you? I know that you do a lot of the marketing behind the scenes and pretty much allow or give podcasts the visibility that they need in the marketplace across all types of platforms. How does that work?

What we do here is we’re the largest postproduction house. In other words, you record, podcasters record, video casters record, and we take it from there all the way through to syndication, share graphics and things like that. You still have to do the other side of the marketing. You have to connect with your listeners via social media or whatever communities you choose to be your outreach. I refused to step into that space, even though many of our clients have begged us to share to social media for them. You have to be in connection with your community. If you’re not, your content is not going to be any good. You’re not going to be a great host. I don’t want passive podcasters.

I want people in there who are building their businesses, creating deeper relationships and connections because that’s why they’ll stay podcasting. It’s why their communities will grow. It’s why their listeners are loving it and why they have higher downloads. That’s the situation, as I’m always looking at what are my services and where can we provide the best value systems and create all the headache of stuff you don’t want to do, or you don’t want to have deep knowledge in. It’s not important to what you do as a living and what you want to give to your community so that you can stay in that place of giving, serving, creating value and not in the doing of things.

As you were talking, I’m thinking about how you’re doing exactly what you love. You love the marketing, the positioning and all that other stuff that you’ve had. You’ve had many years of experience and I’m listening like, “That’s cool,” because while you’re doing something that you love and you’re an expert in, you’re taking that off of someone else’s plate. The roles are totally reversed. That’s something that I don’t love.

Feed Your Audience | Tracy Hazzard | Moms With Dreams Show With Erica Blocker

Feed Your Audience: Building your businesses and creating deeper relationships and connections are reasons why people will stay podcasting. It’s why their communities will grow.


I joke with people that I’m like, “I’m your how-to girl.” I’ve always figured out how to make something, how to do something, how to get it done, how to do it the most efficient way. I add systems and processes to things all the time. I also add strategy and vision that’s on the front end of something. We do that here because if you don’t have a great strategy for your show, a great strategy for your company, your programs or your marketing, the strategy is what will hold you back. If you aren’t thinking about how am I reaching them and is it working, you should always be refining a strategy in a feedback loop.

We used to do that with products. I used to make products that you buy every day. I guarantee you, all of your moms reading out there have bought some of your products. I’ve designed baby products, kid products, furniture products, stuff that you bought at Costco, Walmart or Target. I was a ghost designer. I even did some design work for Martha Stewart. Thinking about all of that, you probably bought my stuff. If I didn’t create a feedback loop, was it selling? Were people enjoying it? Were they commenting? Were they leaving great reviews? If I didn’t pay attention to that, my next product wouldn’t be any good. My revisions to those products wouldn’t be any good.

We have to create a system by which you have a strategy all the way through the feedback loop. You should be on both ends of those, but the stuff in the middle, that’s messy. Sometimes you’re not the best person to do that. That’s where we get caught up. A lot of us solopreneurs who are doing everything ourselves. Moms with side businesses, we think, “We’re capable of doing stuff, but we’re also busy.” Maybe we shouldn’t.

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it. It’s important to get the feedback from our readers and to find out if what we’re doing and what we’re creating is something they want and if it’s impacting their lives in the way that we’re hoping.

There’s this term that they call it in software and tech, and you’ve probably heard it called Minimum Viable Product. You put out an MVP. I hate that term because what you’re missing in there is we shouldn’t just make the easiest thing to do so we can get it out on the market. It should be the maximum valuable thing. What is the most valuable item? What is the most valuable feature? What is the most valuable thing that I can add because of my expertise, my relevance, my experience, what I’m capable of to whoever is reading, buying, consuming in some way, shape or form, where is that connection? That’s where we should spend our focus and our time first.

As a new podcaster or someone who’s aspiring to start a podcast, would you encourage them to start there? Think about what is the most value I can bring or is that tied into their message? How would you communicate that to someone who’s on the verge of getting started?

I have this exercise I make my clients go through. It’s a great exercise to do for anyone. The exercise goes simply like this. It doesn’t matter what it’s called, its name or anything like that, but imagine you already have a show. You’re going to do your very first intro episode. The first thing you should do is basically focus on your audience. Who’s out there listening to them? Who are you speaking to? Who does that? What are their needs? What are their aspirations? Where are they right now? You start answering that question, who are they and what do they need? What do they want? What do they desire?

That’s where you spent five minutes, talking to yourself about that. It’s like, “I imagine that my audience is doing this and this. They’re thinking about that. They’re struggling with this. Maybe their moms and they’ve got three kids at home and they’re trying to figure out how to balance time and how to also be true to who they are.” You start thinking about that. That’s where you put yourself in their mindset first rather than your mindset.

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Secondly, now you go in and you say, “Now I know who I am and what I brought to it.” I’ve raised three daughters and one of them is a partner in my business. What can I add to the viewpoint that others don’t have? Why am I uniquely suited to bring this show, this business, this message to the world? Why am I good at this? Why am I the best suited for creating this link between those people I talked about at the beginning, the listeners and what the show is going to be about?

The last part is, you should always visualize what your future looks like. In this case, imagine what it sounds like. What does my show sound like? What does it feel like? Do I have segments or do I have great guests? Who are they? That helps you feel whether or not this fits you. When you listen back, you go, “That sounds like a great show. I would listen to that show. That’s the right show for me.” Check it out with one of your target audience. One of the people you think, “This would be my perfect person. If this person listened to my show, I know I did it right.” Go ask them to listen to it. You’ve got to know someone who’s the right person.

Tracy, you gave us four simple steps, but I wanted to circle back to the one where you talked about knowing who you are and thinking how can you share the value that you inherently know that you bring? How do you bring that to your show so that people can receive that value? I know that it’s often as women, as moms, we tend to minimize our gifts, our skills or talents. Sometimes we forget how great we are. Have you ever come across that with your client? I know that a common obstacle that many of my readers face is not feeling like they’re good enough or they’re ready to do this. What would you say to encourage them if they’re struggling identifying their greatness?

I’m a big fan of diving in and doing things, but I’m also a big fan of making sure that it’s the right fit for you. I love ways. It’s one of the main reasons I started podcasting to begin with because it was simple and easy for me to access the technology and try it. It wasn’t a lot. I didn’t risk a lot doing it. Facebook Live is a great way to do that. You do a Facebook Live, it lives for a very short period of time. Some people watch it, some people don’t, and you get some feedback. Finding a place at which you can experiment and feel like, “Does this feel comfortable for me?” Get yourself confident in it. When I first started doing my podcasts, I didn’t know if I would be great at interviewing people.

That’s where I thought, “I think I asked good questions, but I’ve not done this formally. I’m not trained to be a broadcaster. Am I going to be good at that?” Having some practice, getting it in and doing it was the best thing for me. What I discovered is one of my superpowers was asking good questions and it became part of why I love the show so much because it energized me. You’d be surprised at where you sit when you put yourself out there and you try these things. We get caught up in this idea. I say women more likely for this to happen than men in my experience. We’re overqualified by the time we reach out and we start doing something. We have more degrees. We have more experiences under our belt. We’ve waited a lot longer to get started. We put ourselves at a disadvantage.

While I’m not a proponent of you going out there with no experience saying, “I’m a life coach. I’ve got no background in psychology, no background in anything,” that doesn’t mean that you can’t add value, but let’s baby step into some of these things. Let’s try them. Let’s see if this is right for you and for your potential clients. Are you adding value and build a simple, easy way for you to not only get feedback but get confident.

I know that helped someone who’s been struggling with that. I appreciate that response. I wanted to also talk with you about the fact that you raised three daughters and you mentioned that one of them is your business partner.

Feed Your Audience | Tracy Hazzard | Moms With Dreams Show With Erica Blocker

Feed Your Audience: You should always visualize what your future looks like.


I haven’t raised them all. I’m still raising two of them.

You’re also simultaneously running a business, you’re a wife and you have so many things going on. Let’s talk about that portion because that is the juiciness as well. How did you do all of that?

I’ve been married to my husband for many years, who is my business partner. We’ve worked on and off together almost our entire marriage. Most people can’t fathom that. I was asked one time on stage, “How did you work with your husband every day? How do you not get in each other’s way? How do you stay in your own lane?” It was the way it was worded to me. I got annoyed. I was like, “You wouldn’t be asking this to my husband. There’s a sexist way to look at this. First off, does it even matter what lane we’re in?” I look at it and we’ve always looked at it. We have completely different jobs.

We are running a business together, yes in our vision, but we each run it in a completely different way. He’s sales and technology and I am vision, team building, marketing and outreach. We have different jobs. We don’t overlap for most of the day. We spend our entire day on phone calls. At night we go, “Who did you talk to today?” We finally catch up with each other and then we’re in the same office. It’s a different process. What we also do is I also look at it as, our entire family, our marriage, all of that runs in a situation I like to look at as harmony. We don’t run in balance because balance is completely unattainable. It’s not sustainable.

We can’t stand on one foot for a long time, balance in a yoga pose, whatever it might be. We can’t do that forever. We can take the high road, take the low notes and high notes. We can do all of that. We each can take over. When someone has a bad day, the other one’s taking up. One time I was exhausted and my husband put the kids to bed, even though that’s normally my thing. He gave me enough breather for me to go, “I can relax. I can take a load off.” We have to have that balance for ourselves so that we can function. We need to do that as a team and as a group. We do that as a family here.

Let me touch briefly on my kids. I have 5, 10 and 24. Those are the ages of my girls. We have a puppy who’s turning one year old. She’s a girl too. We have all girls here. There’s a different mentality to our household because we’re entrepreneurs as a whole family. They’re all involved in the process. That’s how they see it. When my ten-year-old, a couple of years ago, the local Staples store was closing. We walked out of there after buying something. I said, “That’s probably the last time we’ll go into the store again because they’re closing.” She says to me, “Where will all the people sleep?” I looked at her and I was like, “What do you mean where will all the people sleep? They’re going to go home.” She says, “You mean they don’t live upstairs?” I said, “No, they don’t. That’s at our house.” Our office is in our home. I was like, “Not everybody’s business is like that.” You don’t realize, but you set a different tone, a different normal when you have that entrepreneurial or, “I’m more than a mom. I’m more than a wife. I’m all of these things together,” and we’re all in it together.

When you say you’re all in it together, do all of your children work in some aspect of the business? Do they help out or you guys are doing something and need some additional help? How does that work?

At times, occasionally there’s envelope stuffing and some fun stuff that they can do. We don’t put our children to work here. The first business that we did together was stylist pens for handheld computers. I’m dating myself way back to the late ‘90s. My daughter who is now our operations officer for our company here, the older one, she was five at the time then. We would be assembling stylist pens to get them out to customers in the early days. She was a line manager. She was set up to be an operations manager from the day she was born.

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She would go in and she would tell people, “You’re assembling them wrong. You should do it in this order. Put the ink in, then put this in and then put it in the package.” At five years old, she would tell them all what to do. We would have these assembly parties with our family and friends and pay them all with dinner so we could get our early production done. I look at that and they learn great skills by being around. They learned ways to do things they may not have done the actual work yet, but if they want to, they can.

They’re also exposed to the entrepreneurial mindset at a young age, which many children don’t have that experience because we’re taught to go to school, get a good education, get a job, work for someone else, build someone else’s dreams. I love that your girls are in it. They’re right there with you. They see the value of working for yourself and building your own dreams.

We make them feel a part of it too. For instance, Tom and I both went to the She Podcast event where you were at as well. We both went there and we normally don’t always travel together. We try to travel separate, but when there’s a big event or something important, then we will go on occasion. That means the girls are at home, they’re being babysat by their older sister. They don’t love it, but we say, “This is what our business needs for us to do. We need to do this to keep our business growing, which you need to be a willing participant in and help us out by being good, by making sure everybody gets their lunches made, make sure you get to school on time. All of those things, that’s your job here. That’s your role.” Making them feel empowered and a part of the process that they’re participating in our success is important too.

Do you think that that plays a part and helps you in a way because a lot of moms experience mom guilt when they feel like their business is taking away time from the kids and vice versa? It sounds like you guys have a nice system going where it’s a nice little intertwining of family and business. Do you feel like that helps you not feel guilty because you’re still around your kids and they’re still involved in some respect?

I think mom guilt is our own thing. Don’t get me wrong. My kids occasionally needle me like, “You miss that. You missed out on my singing thing.” It does happen. There’s always a little bit of that, but you can let it get to you or you can say, “I was there for these five other things that moms who go to a day job would not have been able to do.” I look at that overall and say, “It all evens out in the end.” I also have a confidence level because I raised one already all the way to 24. There is a confidence level that there was no permanent scarring. She turned out pretty great. There’s a confidence level in that when I guess it’s harder when you’re all in the middle of all the young ones. Mom guilt for me is self-imposed. It requires you to say, “I’m being unreasonable to myself. I’m not a super mom. I’m not a superwoman. I can only do what I can. I show up for the important things that are important to both me and to them.” When I can’t, I make sure that I have a great proxy. My mom or my dad goes, so they have their grandparents or my husband is there. We figured out a way to make it work.

The first thing I do is call them up and say, “How’d it go?” so that they know that they’re still the attention. Feeling guilt is you’re guilting yourself in that and I don’t believe in that. I am not going to shut down who I am because I don’t think that’s the best representation for my kids. It’s not that they’re not important to me. They’re extremely important. Everything that they do, I’m super proud of and interested in. That doesn’t mean that requires me to sacrifice everything of who I am and what I do. I’m making the world a better place so that people can have their podcasts out there that can help them be better moms than they had for themselves or be better parents. There are podcasts out there because I made that happen and I made a system for that. More people are being impacted and helped. That to me is a power. I live the impact, the ripples, all of those things are as important because that makes the world a better place around my girls too.

Feed Your Audience | Tracy Hazzard | Moms With Dreams Show With Erica Blocker

Feed Your Audience: Mom guilt is self-imposed. It requires you to say, “I’m being unreasonable to myself. I’m not a super mom. I’m not superwoman. I can only do what I can.”


It gives them a great example of what we can do as women and moms. I wouldn’t even say the sky is the limit. I feel like there is no limit.

It’s limitless. I love that idea. The other thing is that my mom was a stay-at-home mom and I loved her. I appreciate her. She’s amazing. She’s always there for my girls and everything, but I’m watching the success that she’s having in her retirement as she’s got grandkids and everything. She’s become this amazing artist. She’s starting to show in galleries. I think, “What a shame that didn’t happen sooner? What a shame for the world they didn’t get to see her beautiful art sooner.” I know she doesn’t have any regrets and that’s wonderful, but I do for her. I wish that she hadn’t felt that it was totally necessary to be around for me completely, that she could have taken on some of her own things earlier.

That is the thread. That is the theme. That is the underlying message of this show. It’s okay to have vision, dreams, goals, and all those things. You can still be a great mom without having to sacrifice your family. It’s great for you and your girls to see both sides of it. They get to see grandma now doing her thing and realizing at the end of the day, I believe that we were born with gifts, talents, unique things that only we have. It’s our right as human beings to express those things, to bring those things to life, to share them with the world. I agree with you, Tracy, that we shouldn’t feel that it’s one or the other. It’s okay to have both and not to feel like something is more important than the other because they’re all important to us, our family and our business.

They are important. I get it that it’s hard to balance all of it and that’s why I move out of that balance mindset and say, “It’s not within me to have to do this. It’s within my entire community. It’s in with my family, my bigger family, not just the immediate one, my grandparents included.” There’s no reason to think that they are more than willing. Anytime I call up and say, “I can’t be there for something. Can you show up?” They say, 99% of the time, they’re like, “Absolutely, we’re there.” They’re waiting for you to ask.

Getting the support that you need is critical, especially when you have children. It’s impossible to do everything on your own, not get burned out and not feel resentment. All of the things that we tend to do when we try to be superwomen.

I want to also have the ability to not be overwhelmed by my day-to-day. I want to make sure that at night when it’s bedtime, I’m fresh and I’m able to look at them and go, “How’d you do? How’s your day?” Start to see these little wonderful personalities emerging that I can encourage it. That I’m sitting there in the moment of, “You’ve got my attention and I’m here for you.” I want that to be the case, rather than it all feeling like overwhelming and too much for one person to take. Not that doesn’t happen on occasion to everyone. It does, especially as we get towards the holidays and other things like that. If I can sit in this place where this is my moment with them, that’s my time, they’re the focus, they feel that. That’s way more important at the end of the day than the amount of time, it’s that quality of that time.

Tracy, in addition to what you’re doing, you have some other projects on the horizon. Tell us what we can look forward to from you very soon.

I’m excited that we’ve got a new microphone coming out in the future. That’s coming out in 2020. It’s going to help live streamers, YouTubers and those doing video. There’s a lot more of that going on. Now I’m integrating my product world with my podcast world and I love that. That’s been exciting and fun for me. I’m looking to hit all of 2020 and moving into 2021 with a massive expansion, as much as we can to growing what we’re doing in podcasting and getting it out there. What I’m hearing back and what I’m excited about is that when we grow and our clients grow, their businesses grow, and that has this amazing impact and ripples that are going through of success. That’s what I want. I want to keep people going.

When we grow and our clients grow, their businesses also grow. #MomsWithDreamsShow #EricaBlocker #podcastinterview Share on X

It has to feel good to know that you are part of that ripple. You can see your place in it where you said, you did that. You were able to create those things and make that change in the world. It’s a great feeling to know that you contributed to the value, changing someone’s life or making a difference in the way that we do.

We think of things transactionally a lot of times. Instead, if we pull back and we start to think of things, how does this feel? How is this moving? Do I see the vision for it? Am I making progress towards that vision? Living in that energy of it, that’s where I want to be because it’s much more rewarding than if I look at the transactional value of something.

Tracy, I have truly loved talking with you. I love your energy. You got me excited about all the things that you’re doing. Thank you for being here. Before we wrap up, I’d love for you to share with our readers where they can find you online.

You can find my business and me on Podetize and also Feed Your Brand. That’s our podcast for podcasters. That’s where I interview great podcasters like Erica here. That’s how we met the first time. In Feed Your Brand, we have a specific focus on that center of influence and those turn into Authority Magazine articles. FeedYourBrand.co is where you can find that.

I encourage you if you’re looking to step your podcast up or you’re getting started in the podcast world, wherever you are in the podcasting space, I’m sure that Tracy can help you get to the next level. I encourage you to reach out to her. Lastly, Tracy, we always like to wrap up the show by asking my guest, what are your words of wisdom that you’d like to leave with our readers with?

This is something that I’ve used again and again. We always say hope is not a plan. We don’t look for having vision and hope like, “I hope I can do that someday. I wish I could do that someday.” Hope is not a plan. You have to take action to that. When you put action to it, it doesn’t have to be massive action. It can be a little action. I’m going to step out and I’m going to interview one person. I’m going to ask some questions. I’m going to do a Facebook Live, whatever that is, take that action. Move towards those dreams that you have, paint a picture, put it in a gallery, go try some of those things.

It doesn’t have to be a grand step. You don’t have to jump off the ledge, but do something in that direction. The more we take those small steps, the more confidence we gain and also the clearer their vision becomes because now we can see that it’s right here. The whole time it was right in front of me. All I had to do was take that step.

If we talk a good game, people don’t take us seriously around it. The minute we take a step towards something and other people see it, they’d say, “I have somebody to introduce you to or my friend owns a gallery,” whatever that might be. They start seeing something and they step up to help like the universe steps up to put it in front of you.

I love the insight that you shared, Tracy. Thank you so much for being a guest here on the show. We enjoyed you. I want to congratulate you on all of your success. Continue to do great work and make a difference in the world.

Thank you, Erica. Thank you for all you bring to Moms With Dreams.

Did you enjoy that conversation I had with Mrs. Hazzard? Isn’t she awesome? I love when she said that, “When you are centric around your customers or consumers, everything flows easily.” That was one of my favorite quotes. I also loved it when she talked about you have to be in connection with your community. If you’re not, your content is not going to be any good. Also, how we should focus on the most valuable things versus trying to get something out there to grab someone’s attention. Putting out value is always going to help your brand, your business grow, no matter what. People are going to know that when you put something out, it’s worth it. It’s helpful. It’s solving problems. It’s adding value to their lives in some way, maybe to their businesses, their dreams and goals. It’s an important thing to remember.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the shiny objects of business building and what everyone’s doing. When you dial back to the basics and the foundation of what successful businesses are doing, Tracy talked a lot about that with you. I hope you grabbed some golden nuggets. I hope you got something that inspired you, that encouraged you, that maybe gave you that answer to the problem you’ve been struggling with. If you feel like, “I love Tracy. I would like to connect with her,” feel free to click on the links for this episode. Thank you for reading. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me. We are rocking and rolling.

I go through my ups and downs being a podcaster. It’s not always fun and glamorous. It’s not always easy, but I do love it. It’s become a part of me. I want to thank you for sharing this experience, helping me make it what it is because without you, I wouldn’t be here. I want you to know that I truly appreciate your support. Being here with me as I grow through whatever I’m growing through, my ups and downs, my obstacles, the good times, the fun times and all that in between. I hope that you are taking good care of yourself, that you are well, that your family is safe and well. I will be back with you soon. Until then, reclaim your dream, do what you love and make a difference. Take care.

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